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The ancient city of Edzna

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Edzna, an ancient city located on earth North of the Mexican state of Campeche. It was built by the Maya people in 400 year BC and was abandoned around 1500 ad. In the era of the late classic period edzna ruins belonged to the state Kalamboli.

Scientists suggest that the city was occupied twice. 400 BC - the peaceful Indians, who were engaged in selhozarteli. They have developed a system of water channels for rainwater that ran to the fields. 150 BC the city was abandoned, perhaps because of conflict with neighboring tribes. After half a Millennium, the city settled in the new the Indians who built the pyramids that can be seen today. New residents revived the city, making it a major trading center of the southern Peninsula Utcan.

Most cities of this period are similar to each other. Edzna has a wide green field, beyond which in the shadows thick, but still passable thickets are a variety of pedestals. One of the most notable buildings is the main temple located on a 40-meter platform. To the left of the temple one can see a high hill with columns, and on the right is a stepped platform, like a pyramid stretched along the horizon. It is called the Big House. Perhaps it served as a viewing platform for observing rituals.

Another unusual structure, a small pyramid, which is stages has a long sloping road. Next to it is a small area for ball games. She wore entertaining, but took away the lives of two players of the losing team captain and one more, they gave to the victim.

The great Acropolis is a huge area, fenced off from a field wall, and on the sides of two pyramids. The main thing here is the five-level structure, with a height of 35 meters. At each level there are small rooms-cells. The light gets them only during sunset.

It offers a magnificent panorama on Ecnu, and beyond.