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The garden Snail, which is located within the Cultural center of Tijuana right in the centre of the city, can be called a Museum under the open sky. Area 3768 sq ft of lush greenery are copies of archeological artifacts related to the cultures of pre-Columbian America. Here there are replicas of sculptures made by the masters of the Maya, Aztec, Olmec, Zapotec and chichimeca.

In the garden Snails you can walk independently or to examine him in the tour group. The local guides speak Spanish and English. Of course, the guide will be able to tell much more about scattered on green lawns sculptures than any brochures. Then developed educational programs directed at understanding and preserving the cultural heritage of Mexico. Garden Snail bring the kids from kindergarten, schoolchildren and students. Such a journey is not just entertaining, but also educational.

Garden Snails was established in may 1998, after 7 years closed due to construction on the neighboring site of the building known as "the Cube." February 28, 2006, the garden has already been reconstructed and reopened. For its design met Lorene, Urbaneja and Carlos Alberto Garcia. Restoration work took place under the direction of architect Daniel Enligne. For making copies was selected archaeological sites of five regions of Mesoamerica.

After conversion, the garden Snail is often in the local press referred to as the Botanical garden. Here are about 150 species of plants, many of which are rare. In the garden is another attraction of the Moon forum. It is an open platform that is used for theatrical and musical performances.