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The Cathedral of Puebla

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Puebla de Zaragoza is known for many attractions, but perhaps the most interesting of them is the magnificent Cathedral, of which more in Mexico only Cathedral in Mexico city. The local Church belongs to another record: its towers are the highest towers in the country. Their height is 69 meters. Finally, it is the Cathedral in Puebla you can see on a Mexican banknote 500 pesos.

The Europeans, seeing this temple, just can't figure out why his face seems so familiar to them. Only then comes the understanding that it is crowned by a replica of the Vatican dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Puebla Cathedral was built in the period from 1557 to 1690 years in a fanciful manner in which to discern the elements of the Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles. In 1649 the Church was seen arriving to Puebla Bishop Juan de Palafox and Mendoza. To speed up the construction of the Cathedral, which has not yet had some of the facades and towers, he sanctified it. The construction of the two famous towers of the temple took almost two centuries. The Foundation of the North tower was laid in the early seventeenth century. It was completed in 1678. South tower appeared 90 years after that.

Dominant lush interior of the Cathedral is the altar created by Manuel Tolsoy in 1797. In addition to this altar, called the Royal, the Cathedral installed a further 14 altars located in the side chapels. Paintings decorated the walls of the temple, but his dome. On the frescoes on the dome worked as a painter cristóbal de Villalpando.