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The ruins of Rio BEC

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Rio BEC is the archeological site of Mexico. This ancient city, located in southern Campeche, belongs to the great Mayan civilization, who founded it in the seventh century of our era.

The first of these ruins speak a traveler from Austria, named Teobert Mahler. He made an assumption about their existence, but never visited. Empirically went to the Frenchman Maurice de Périgny. He was the first who wrote a small note about this place, having been there. Excavations are taking place to this day, they are led by Dominique Michelet, who heads the expedition of French archaeologists.

The architecture of the city gave rise to the name of the whole architectural style - "Rio BEC". Later the style became common, and in the neighboring towns. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that the temple pyramids, as a rule, supplied with two towers, which did not carry any functions and was without any interior. The pyramids were so steep that the steps of placing the structure, it is impossible to climb up.

Temples, perched on platforms of various sizes, were also non-functional. They are not even hollow. On some facades there is a pretty true imitation of the doors here only open any of them you will not succeed. The impression that everything here was built not so much for living as for aesthetics and decoration. The purpose of these towers is still a mystery to scientists.

It should be noted that all the buildings are densely covered with thickets. So for help it is better to consult the local guide, without him, as they say seasoned travelers, little will be able to see.