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Garden Velasco

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In Mexican towns, the main square has always been a center of cultural and political life. The main square of La Paz is called the Garden Velasco and more like not a traditional open area, decorated with several dominants, immediately attracting the eye, and the shady Park, overgrown with tall trees that you can completely look at only from the height of bird flight.

The Velasco garden, has been restored and rebuilt recently. This area was founded during the colonial era. At opposite ends of it are historic buildings, considered to be one of the main attractions of the city. On the one hand the area limits the Notre Dame Cathedral, built in 1861 by Dominican friars in the place, which was formerly a Jesuit mission from 1720. The Cathedral was built in the shape of a Latin cross. It is decorated with two towers with pyramidal roofs. In the temple are preserved ancient paintings, which had survived the demolition of the mission. The main altar is dedicated to the patroness of the Cathedral, that is the virgin Mary.

On the North side of the square Garden Velasco is the former government Palace, which now houses the historical library and a Youth centre.

Between these two buildings you can see the open tracery of the pavilion, which has a wide staircase and a large fountain.

The Velasco garden is a favorite place for local residents. To sit on the benches in the shade of a tree, resting from the hustle and bustle, love and tourists. This square often hosts various cultural events, ranging from dance companies and ending with the book fairs. The houses around the square are cafes and restaurants, bars and night clubs.