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Campus State Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the largest number of University students in North and South America, is located in the South of Mexico city.

Built in the style of modernism of the last century, it indeed resembles a separate city and is considered a separate district of the city. It even has its own buses, the route which passes through the town. It was completed in 1954. In the construction involved famous architects, Domingo Garcia Ramos, Enrique del Moral, Mario Pani, and others.

The authors of the panel that is on almost every wall - the famous Communist David Siqueiros and Diego Rivera. The style in which decorated the hull more reminiscent of the building of the CIS, rather than the architecture of the capitalist Mexico.

Campus work and study more than 100 thousand people, by the way, there are Russian students. It is important to know that the entrance to the town is prohibited without coordination with the local administration, but to get here is easy with a tour.

On campus there are 40 different institutes and faculties Olympic stadium, cultural center, several museums, the Observatory, the tower of the administration, even the ecological reserve and of course the huge library. Beside each body there is a small place to stay, however, they are also made very simply furnished.

The main University building was included in the UNESCO world heritage site in 2007.