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Fort San Juan de ulúa

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Perhaps the most notable tourist attraction of Veracruz is considered the fortress of San Juan de Ulua, built during the early exploration of America to protect the newly founded settlement from pirates, which are quite often hunted in coastal Mexican waters. Subsequently, the Fort was rebuilt in the prison where he was held many famous politicians of recognized criminals. Now at Fort San Juan de ulúa is a Museum where you can go free. To see all the most important corners of the Fort, you can hire a guide whose services are paid by the tourist.

The fortress, standing on the shore of the ocean, can be reached by car or by boat. The path on the water surface is considered optimal, as it saves time. Land will have to go around the port shipyard, which is not suitable for those who are not used to mindlessly waste precious vacation hours.

San Juan, which is named in honor of the Fort, is the Spanish Conquistador Juan Grijalva. The prefix "de ulúa" is the name of the area on which stands the fortress. Ulua is a modified name of the local tribe, koloi (or Acolhua). The Spaniards, landed in the area of the future fortress, found two bodies of the Indians of this tribe who were sacrificed to unknown gods. Without thinking, the conquistadors called the Peninsula in honor of the Indians, Koloa.

Fort San Juan de ulúa was founded in 1535. Since then, the fortress was modified several times. Until 1825 it was owned by the Spaniards. Then the Fort several times in the hands of foreigners: in the first half of the nineteenth century it was conquered by the French and later the Americans.

Now only tourists disturb the peace of the strong walls.