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Bastion Of Santiago

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Bastion of Santiago, also known as "the Bastion of gunpowder", located on the street Francisco Mexican port town of Veracruz, just five blocks from city hall. The second name is due to the fact that in the basement of the fortress were stored gunpowder and weapons of war. This military building was built in 1635. Wall protecting the city, consisted of nine bastions which formed the defense system of the city. This is the only surviving Bastion. Being on the Gulf coast, the port of Veracruz, often suffered from pirate attacks.

Today, with its thick and high wall with traces of bullets, is the only remnant of the military defensive system of the city. Other strongholds were destroyed in the late nineteenth century. Inside is a Museum opened here in 1991. Its exposition includes various documents and objects from the colonial era and offers a small permanent exhibition of pre-Columbian jewelry under the name "Treasures of the fisherman", consisting of 42 items - bracelets, earrings and lapel decorations. All this wealth was discovered under the sea by local fisherman, so the collection and assigned a name. During the tour you will learn about the methods that were used by the masters of the pre-Columbian era in the process of making jewelry.