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The Biopark Estrella

Photos and description

The Biopark Estrella, located in the vicinity of the town of Santiago, where by car or public transport in 50 minutes to get from Monterrey since 1996. The bioparc area is 300 hectares. It is surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains, which provide a favorable climate is suitable for the local flora and fauna. The Park includes many unique attractions and rides. The most interesting entertainment is a part in a Safari tour of the Serengeti when you can from a safe distance, under the protection of guides to observe large mammals, for example, giraffes, elephants, zebras, Impalas and some others. Animals live in conditions close to the original. The most daring tourists sometimes even feed wild animals.

Park crossed by the river Pylon. There are also other bodies of water: river Loko, a lake La Paz. On specially laid trail you can reach the beautiful waterfalls.

The organizers bioparque Estrella have positioned their offspring as a place for a family holiday. Indeed, for children there is plenty of other entertainment. They will surely enjoy a visit to the attraction "the land of the dinosaurs", where the lush undergrowth established realistic models of ancient dinosaurs in natural size. The mammoth Museum, you can see the bones of the ancestors of elephants. A mini-zoo where resident animals, is the most visited area bioparque Estrella. And the youngest, and the older kids lead their parents in the first place in the mini-zoo, and then set out to explore the other attractions. Parents enjoy visiting the garden of La Yucca, which contains different types of agaves and cacti, or the butterfly pavilion.

The Biopark Estrella offers so-called family camps. This small cottages designed for one family, or tent.