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Haunted house

Photos and description

The house of aunt Aura located in Central Guanajuato, close to the government Palace, undoubtedly, deserves a special mention while talking about the city. In our time mansion turned into a Museum with a mysterious dark atmosphere, which is also called the haunted House.

The former owner of the mansion, the same aunt Aura came to America from the Spanish of Cadiz in 1840. She was a highly respected lady, was engaged in charity work, helped the local poor. But after the death of aunt Aura in her house it's misery. All the property of the aunt inherited her two nieces. First, Christina, died, being pregnant. Since she had no husband, to hide her shame; the father buried the poor thing in the basement. Another niece was murdered for the inheritance. The murderer was arrested, and the house was abandoned.

After some time, the mansion aunt Aura was put up for auction. The new owners of the house decided to earn additionally on his dark past and founded the Museum here. Tourists take Christina's, where, sitting on the bed the doll. Many visitors claim that the doll rotates the wrist and turns around to see included people. According to rumors, the house of aunt Aura was built on the former cemetery. The presence of ghosts especially felt in the kitchen of the mansion, which is located on the lower floor. Sometimes there are balls of white light, which are visible in the photos. Some people feel breeze. When Museum staff asked about the use of special effects, those are only jokes.