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The ancient city

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Becan is an ancient city of the Maya. It is located in the Central part of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico, in the state of Campeche, in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula. Around the ruins of other ancient settlements of the Maya of Calakmul, Xpujil, chicanna ruins and Balamku.

Around the perimeter Ride over 25 acres of runs an artificial ditch, by the way, the name of the city translates to "the ditch formed by the water." This is one of the most interesting complexes in the territory of the so-called state of Rio BEC.

According to the researchers, the first stone was laid here in the year 550 BC, and several centuries later, Becan has become a major regional centre. During the excavations were found many artifacts of ancient civilization from weapons to jewelry. From the year 830 of our era the city's population began to decline, and in the year 1200 it was finally abandoned.

The city dominated the surrounding settlements, as was one of the largest Mayan villages. In the main part of the city could be reached after passing through a tunnel length of about 50 meters. On the North Ride is the main part, which is a fortress. Thence, according to the researchers, the inhabitants could defend in case of siege. The basic outlines of the structures and channels through which airlifted seven bridges can be seen today.

For viewing tourists only see half of the city. In the second half of the carried out research and restoration work.