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The minaret

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In Tijuana is unusual for Mexico, the structure is a slender minaret, which is particularly futuristic against the backdrop of modern skyscrapers. This tower in Arabic style, was built in 1930 as part of a tourist complex "Aqua Caliente", which also included a racetrack, a casino, Golf course, SPA, tennis courts and a private runway.

Nowadays the minaret is considered one of the most recognizable architectural monuments of Tijuana. Few people know that it was once used as a chimney: at its base were the boiler room and Laundry.

It is worth noting that in the period from 1928 to 1935, the tourist complex "Aqua Caliente" took travelers from Asia, Europe and the from the neighbouring United States. It is here that stayed of Hollywood's biggest stars, who in search of available gambling, horse racing and drinking are prohibited in the United States, came to Tijuana. In those years, the future founder of tequila Dionisio real was delighted with the beauty and grandeur of the Tijuana minaret. Nowadays the company "Tequila Santa Rosa," as a tribute to the memory of don Nicho real, produces the tequila as "Extra añejo" five years of aging in huge ceramic vessels that mimic the minaret in Tijuana. This quaint "bottle", which enjoyed extraordinary popularity among tourists, is 3850 pesos.

In 1935, Mexican President lázaro cárdenas after the announcement of the law prohibiting gambling shut down "Aqua Caliente". The Hippodrome, however, continues to function as Golf club of the same name. The minaret still dominates the city, drawing the attention of travelers.