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Parque Fundidora

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This unusual attraction can be found in the third largest city in Mexico, Monterrey. This Park, which was founded on the basis of the former metallurgical plant of the company "Fundidora de ferro and Acero de Monterrey". In honor of this company Park is named Fundidora, which translated means "Steel mill".

Metallurgical enterprise on the territory of the Park worked throughout most of the twentieth century. It was opened in 1900 and smoothly supplied steel, enriching their owners, until 1986, until it was declared bankrupt. For some time the plant was abandoned. It was not until 1988, when it decided to open an educational and entertaining Park, which altered some technical objects, making them available to the General public. Between the old blast furnaces and other similar monuments of paved walking and Jogging trails, close to opened the Playground for children, a Museum for all guests, ice-skating rink. Walking the paths of the Park, you can go to an artificial pond and beautiful fountain. Also in the Park is the center for conferences, which is very popular among business people, and a luxury hotel.

However, the main pride of the Park is still considered to be technical monuments of the plant. So, it is worth to pay attention to the blast furnace No. 3, which was declared a major landmark of the city and country before the Foundation of the Fundidora Park here.

The Park often hosts various cultural events of global significance. In 2007, the Park expanded to include the Central square of the city - Macroplaza.