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Sculpture "Horse"

Photos and description

The sculpture of Rafael Zamarripa called "Boy riding a sea horse", or simply "Skate" mounted on the Malecon has become a recognizable symbol of Puerto Vallarta. The locals call this monument Caballito de Mar. In connection with the redevelopment of the waterfront, it was moved closer to the old lighthouse. A new platform for the beloved of the monument chose long and meticulously. The background for it was to be only the sea. Now the sculpture is surrounded by a spacious relaxation area.

Bronze statue of a child riding a sea horse with a height of almost 3 meters in 1966 was installed on the beach of Los Muertos. Beach, whose name is a play on the word "death" was not the best choice for the creations of talented artists Raphael Zamarripa. Due to the heavy surf and bad weather, the monument fell and disappeared in the depths of the waves. In 1976, on the Malecon installed it an exact copy. This sculpture was the first of a series of funny little statues that now adorn the main promenade of the resort.

Through several years of after you have set up "Skate" the original of this monument was suddenly discovered and placed at the same place. And here begins a real detective. The sculpture disappears again during the devastating hurricane Kenna, then find it again and return to the city. Thus, in Puerto Vallarta are now two of the same monument.

Locals believe that the God Poseidon takes everything that falls into his hands, and it never returns. However, this rule does not work with the sculpture "Horse". God constantly steals her, and she returns to the place where a bronze boy and his horse feel loved.