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The archaeological area of Boca de Potrerillos

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60 km from Monterrey, in the municipality of Mina is the only one in the state of Nuevo león archaeological zone, whose territory is preserved rock paintings - petroglyphs. Here is about four hundred rocks with three thousand drawings of Neolithic times. This area is located between two hills, and forming a natural entrance to the Potrerillos canyon in the Sierra Madre.

Many of the petroglyphs located on the North hill and oriented to the East. They belong to the group of astronomical images, allowing you to talk about what they drew after observing the sun and stars. So, this is the place 7 thousand years ago was a kind of astronomical Observatory. In our days there often are fans of astronomy.

Most of the drawings represents an abstraction, however, some guessed image in specific subjects. Anthropologist William B. Murray, engaged in the study of petroglyphs Boca de Potrerillos, divides them into 5 categories. The latest creation of the petroglyphs resemble the image of cattle. According to the scientist, they were created by Europeans who tried to imitate the art of the Apache and Comanche who lived in the state of Nuevo Leon. These drawings appeared in the years 1830-1850. The rest of the image is much older. It circles, wavy lines and other geometric shapes. Some of these symbols are associated with the initiation rites of a boy into a man. Who left many hundreds of years ago, the petroglyphs in the canyon Potrerillos? The researchers claim that artists were made by the representatives of the nomadic tribes of hunters and gatherers. Scientists know very little about the lifestyle and customs of the ancient tribes of this region. Even in the XVII century, when in America, they arrived the Spaniards, there lived the descendants of those tribes that the Aztecs called savages.

Nowadays hundreds of tourists eager to see the petroglyphs in Boca de Potrerillos.