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Pre-Hispanic city and national Park of Palenque

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Palenque - the ancient capital of the Mayan state, called Bakulski Kingdom. Now this territory is the Eastern part of the state of Chiapas. These ruins were discovered in the 17th century and since then constantly discover new secrets to researchers.

Palenque was abandoned in the ninth century, under the assumptions, from the invasions and ravages of war with the tribes of the Gulf of Mexico. City ruins located in the jungle, is only the Central part of the large ancient city.

Today in the Park you can find remains of the Palace. Its preserved ruins, as well as on the walls of the watchtowers, astronomical observatories, temples of the Sun and the cross, the Temple of the inscriptions and other buildings, you can find artfully crafted and well-preserved drawings.

The ancient Maya, creating terraces here, used the new construction methods and thereby altered the natural terrain of the foothills of Chiapas. Due to the high level of construction technique, they were able to build a Palace with four-storey tower and created a convenient infrastructure of underground spaces. Under the Temple of the inscriptions in the XX century the archaeologists found a large room with a sarcophagus, which has preserved the remains of the ruler of Palenque. All found items sent for storage in the anthropological Museum of Mexico, and under the temple, set up a carved plate.

Really unique buildings scientists call the temples of Palenque, they are located on the top of the pyramid. Each of these temples was created for ritual ceremonies. In addition they are found in the Park and three-meter stone arches - aqueducts.