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The Zócalo

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The zócalo is the cultural, political and religious center of Puebla. The main square of the city was originally rectangular, but later it was made square, for, according to city authorities, it was not perfect. Area several times changed its name. It was originally called Plaza de Armas, then Public, then the Plaza Mayor, and finally became the zócalo. We can say that it appeared simultaneously with the Foundation of the city. In 1531 it is around this Central portion of land was formed by city streets.

To the end of XVIII century there was located the Central market of Puebla. The Indians were selling their wares with the same enthusiasm as the white traders. Throughout the colonial period, the Zocalo square was also a place where the main source of drinking water, established in the XVI century. Here gathered the entire population of the city to queue for life-giving water to discuss the latest news, to know the orders of the mayor of the city and just to gossip. In our time, the zócalo square planted with trees and adorned with many monuments. Perhaps the most significant embellishment of the square is the statue of Archangel Michael was installed on the fountain, which opened in 1777.

The area is surrounded by many interesting buildings, among which highlights Municipal Palace, House of dolls and the Cathedral.

Most of the streets in Puebla are not a name, and sequence number. The count of these urban arteries starts from the Northwest corner of the Zocalo.