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Regional Museum of Guadalajara

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Regional, or Regional Museum of Guadalajara, in the halls which, in addition to the main collections, also houses the collection of the Museum of the state of Jalisco, is not in a secular mansion but in the former monastery building, erected in the middle of the XVIII century. Two storey building in the typical Central American colonial style is located in the historic quarters of the city. Its construction began in 1742 by the Holy fathers from the monastery of St. Joseph. The new building was intended to establish a Seminary for the local youth. The construction of the monastery buildings was delayed for 16 years.

A very unusual fate awaited the building. During the struggle for independence it was occupied by the rebels, then the local cells were converted into prison cells. In the mid-nineteenth century former monastic body again began to be used for the purpose: he opened a school for boys and a public library. Finally, the structure was turned into an art Museum. It happened in 1918. There were presented paintings by artists from Guadalajara and all of Mexico. In 1976, the Museum profile has been modified: in addition to the collection of paintings XVII-XX centuries, there was exhibited paleontological and archeological findings, historical and ethnographic artifacts. Therefore, the Museum was renamed in local history. In one of the 14 exhibition halls you can see the main pride of the Museum - a real skeleton of a mammoth. It also kept the skulls of prehistoric animals. The Museum also has a lot of items telling about the history of the local tribes before the discovery of America by Columbus.