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The ruins of Balamku

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Next to may big city of Calakmul in Campeche, on the territory of 25 hectares, bordering with Guatemala, are the ruins of Balamku. Its popularity the town owes to the relatively recent discovery. In 1990 there was discovered a well-preserved wall 17-metre frieze. Virtually remained untouched and original paint. The frieze depicts a lizard. In the may mythology they have accompanied humans from the earthly world into the world of underground.

The ruins were discovered by archaeologist Florentino garcía Cruz. The main works were carried out between 1994 and 1995, headed by a scientist and archaeologist Ramon Carrasco.

The ruins are divided into four major architectural groups. The Central and Northern part, located near water sources. The last notable for the fact that on its territory there are well-preserved 15-meter figure.

The main attraction of the ruins of Balamku is the Temple of the Jaguar. Inside you will see three statues of people-the jaguars to a height of about four meters. Figures connected with bas-reliefs, covered with images of parrots, monkeys and crocodiles. Local thread is striking in its detail. Once inside, in addition to the sculptures you will see the entrance to the depths of the Temple, however, the passage of tourists is strictly prohibited. But you can carry a torch a little bit to touch the hidden mysteries of the ancient Zapotec.

The city is accessible to tourists up to five o'clock in the evening. A walk through its streets will take you less than an hour, so a trip here is often combined with a visit to the neighboring city of Calakmul.