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The Borda Garden

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The Borda garden, situated just a few steps from the Cathedral in downtown Cuernavaca, often referred to as a historical object because it is not just a city Park, created for the idle pastime of the locals, and the unique Botanical garden, founded around the old mansion.

At the beginning of the XVIII century rich of Jose de La Borda, who owned silver mines in Taxco, built his summer residence here. The mansion was adjoined by beautiful gardens, the decoration of which were two artificial reservoirs, multilevel terraces, ramps, staircases, fountains. The Park was designed in the French style. A garden, a Church was built, where in 1778 and buried the owner of the Palace, josé de La Borda. After his death, the Park was turned into a Botanical garden, where over time, there are rare specimens of plants.

On the Borda garden wrote a lot in books and Newspapers, so the residence was very popular with locals and visitors alike. During the Second Mexican Empire ruler of Mexico, Maximilian of Habsburg and his wife Carlota Amalia long lived in the Palace, which allowed to improve the road linking Mexico city with Cuernavaca. The mansion has acquired the status of an Imperial residence.

Currently, the Borda garden is a popular place of recreation for inhabitants of Cuernavaca. In the evenings in the Park organize various cultural events that gather a wide audience: the concerts of pop and rock bands, dance events. At the weekend there are organized fairs where they sold food and Souvenirs. The entrance to the garden Board paid.