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The full name of this amazing island sounds like Mexcaltitan-de-Uribe and translates as "teeming with mescal". It is located in the Mexican state of Nayarit. According to recent reports, the island inhabits more than 800 people.

The legends say that this is the place, which in the myths of the Aztecs called Aztlán, in translation means "land of herons", and is considered the ancestral home of this nation. The legend says that in 1091, the Aztecs left the island and went to look for the best place to live, settling in the valley, on the spot where now is located the capital of Mexico.

In diameter Mexcaltitan does not exceed 400 meters. City island is located on marshland in a picturesque lagoon surrounded by mangrove thickets. If you look at the island from a bird's flight, then at a certain angle you can see the outline of the pentagram.

In the rainy season, from August to September, the city turns into a Mexican Venice, and the streets are water channels, at this time you can move around only in boats. The town is famous for the fact that there is no crime. The nearest large city - 32 kilometers. The main occupation of the locals - fish, which gladly teach everyone. It is noteworthy that the fishing season here is open to the conduct of the ship of the regatta. The ships involved in it, may be different, but each of them has the face of saints Peter and Paul.

From a historical point of view, nothing interesting in Mexcaltitan you will not find. But despite this, he does not cease to attract tourists. Here you can visit the local Museum and health center. In the center of the island is the beautiful Catholic Church of saints Peter and Paul, who are considered the guardians of the island, in their honor every year on 28 and 29 June are throwing a carnival. People wear Jaguar skin, and hair braided bright feathers of exotic birds. According to the traditions of their ancestors, during the festival all dancing to national music.