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Municipal Palace

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Government Palace, which in Spanish is called Palacio Municipal, was built in neoclassical style in the years 1949-1952, and was later rebuilt in a neo-colonial manner. It hosts the municipal Council of Guadalajara.

The Palace is located on the site of the old Episcopal mansion built in the early XVIII century. The old building was nationalized in 1914. In the mid-twentieth century, the land liberated from ancient buildings, in the framework of the project modernization of the historic centre was allocated for the construction of the new headquarters of the city Council. It was also decided about the extension of several streets and avenues and the construction of the Rotunda of Fame, which has become one of the most famous monuments of Guadalajara, and the memory of many illustrious sons and daughters of the city. The construction of the City Palace was entrusted to architect Vicente Mendiola and engineer Marcelino Rodriguez Orozco.

The most notable rooms of the Palace are the salon of the President and the interior of the Board. They are decorated in the typical style of the late XIX century and decorated with murals by Gabriel Flores.

Currently, the Municipal Palace is intended. Here are the offices of city Council members, the Secretary and some officials.

The entrance to the Municipal Palace, tourists are prohibited, but many guides show groups this building and tell the history of its construction, this majestic mansion is witnessing the beginning of big changes in the historical quarters of the city.