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Plaza de Armas

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The Central area of Puerto Vallarta called Plaza de Armas. It is recommended to start exploring this city. It is located in the historic part of the resort and provides an inviting space, resembling a square than the open windswept site. On the Plaza de Armas is one of the main attractions of the city - the Municipal Palace, where you can find the office of the mayor. It is a squat building with a very unusual design. Within walking distance and other tourist facilities Puerto Vallarta the Church of our lady of Guadalupe and Los Arcos amphitheater.

The main decoration of the Plaza de Armas is considered a bronze statue of a lawyer and a former Governor of Jalisco Ignacio Luis Vallarta, in whose honor the city of Puerta Vallarta and got its name. The statue, created by sculptor Miguel Carmona by order of Governor Juan Gilles Preciado, established initially in the Park Aquiles Serdan, and after some time moved to its present location.

Central Plaza in any Mexican city definitely has a covered pavilion with a stage, where, one after another, dancers and musicians. Was no exception and Plaza de Armas. Near the pavilion, under the shade of palm trees and benches which you can sit on a hot summer day. After a day on the square are newsboys and sellers of ice cream. In the evening the town's main square becomes a popular meeting place for residents. Whole families come out, and while small children play together, the adults politely discuss the latest news.