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The Market Of El Parian

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To feel the city, discover what its inhabitants, is to go to the market. El Parian is a place where artisans of Puebla sell their products. This means that the best places in town to experience local traditions and buy Souvenirs! According to the authorities of Puebla, this market is considered the second most popular tourist attraction after the Cathedral.

The market of El Parian at the current location, that is, in the historical part of the city - at the corner of North 6 and East 2 streets, a few blocks from the main square, the Zocalo, was built in 1801. Prior to that he had worked for 41 years and was very popular.

The market consists of 112 small pavilions, decorated with traditional Talavera tiles, where you can find the products of weavers, blacksmiths, tailors, embroiderers, potters, jewelers, etc., Many sellers put their goods outside the shops to attract buyers. The market is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 8 PM. Here haggling is expected, and it is desirable to do it with passion. Then we can hope for a significant price reduction on the item.

El Parian is famous not only for a diverse range of products, but also the fact that on its territory are working cartoonists who for a few minutes, sketched a portrait of the customer at a nice price (150 pesos).

Walking through the market, you can go to one of the many restaurants located within a few steps from El Parian. The most popular establishments serving local traditional dishes are the "Cafe Marseille" and "the Cafe gallery Amparo".