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Paseo de Los Heroes

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Tijuana is a city which is on the border with the United States. Therefore, it attracts thousands of Americans in search of Mexican exoticism. Most tourists starting their familiarity with the Tijuana from walking on the main street of Paseo de Los Heroes (Road of Heroes). According to U.S. magazines, this is the safest urban neighborhoods. This street is located in the heart of Rio.

On this street there are offices of most of the financial, commercial and tourist enterprises of the whole city. Insurance companies, major banks, such as the "BBVA-Bancomer" and "Banamex", shopping malls like the "Plaza Rio Tijuana", vie with each other in the beauty and splendour of the facades.

Paseo de Los Heroes ideal for travelling by car, as almost devoid of traffic lights. The road junction here is a thought. Oncoming traffic delineated all areas, the centers of which are monuments. These grounds and tour the cars.

Monuments are the main attractions of the Avenue. Here you can see the statue of Abraham Lincoln, Ignacio Zaragoza, General lázaro cárdenas, Indian of Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec Emperor, whose name means "Soaring eagle." One of the monuments, reminiscent of the blades of the scissors dedicated to Mexico.

On the Road of Heroes is probably the most famous entertainment venues of the city - the Cultural center of Tijuana. It is an unusual building, designed in the form of white balls, which by night is illuminated.

Not so long ago on the Avenue of Heroes has built two skyscrapers, which will house the hospital. The most luxurious urban hotels are also located on this street.