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The Church Of Santa Veracruz

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The Church of Santa Veracruz, which is located in the eponymous square in Mexico city, was founded by brotherhood of the cross, founded by hernán cortés. Its members were of noble origin, and therefore a religious order was often called the brotherhood of the knights. The Church of Santa Veracruz was built in 1586. This fact allows us to date the temple to the oldest sacral buildings in the Mexican capital. In the XVI century the Church was among the three most visited and respected temples of the city. Unfortunately, the original building in the XIX century it was transformed beyond recognition. We can say that after the devastating earthquake and several severe floods it is not restored and rebuilt. This temple appears before us now.

To the Church of the Santa Veracruz is adjacent to the building of the former monastery of the brotherhood of the cross. Today it is the Museo Franz Mayer. The Church is still in effect. On its lush design in the past centuries in the city tell legends. The main Baroque altar was made of precious wood and covered with a layer of gold. After extensive reconstruction of the nineteenth century all the treasures of the temple mysteriously disappeared. The modern decor of the Church is very modest. However, there are preserved several valuable images of Jesus Christ and the virgin Mary. One of them, according to legend, was given to king Charles V by Pope Paul III. Subsequently, the king gave the relic to the brotherhood of Christ.

It should also be noted that during the construction of the new building of the Church of Santa Veracruz in Mexico city, there was another earthquake, which claimed the lives of hundreds of people. Some of the victims were buried in the atrium of this Church.