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Bishop's Palace

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The Bishop's residence until the mid-nineteenth century, Federal, or Bishop's Palace is part of the old College Palafoxiana. In our time, it occupies a Central post office and Telegraph. It is located on the corner of Fifth and East streets September 16, in the historic centre of Puebla. Nearby colleges San Pedro, San Juan and palafoxiana library.

This building has been witness to some important historical events. So, in early August, 1821, was read there a paper on the independence of Puebla, which became the first independent from the Spanish city of Mexico. From the balcony of the Episcopal Palace announced the "Plan of Iguala" (appeal of the future Mexican Emperor Agustin I to the population of the country during the military actions for the freedom of Mexico). Thus, people realized that the Church supported the uprising for independence. On one of the facades of the Palace you can see the stone tablet, which depicts the national symbols and weapons, symbolizing the struggle for independence. This plate reminds us of those distant times.

In the nineteenth century, when the Church in Mexico was deprived of its property, the Palace was left by the Bishop and his assistants. From 1861 to 1863 years, it housed the city government.

The building, built in the local Baroque style "poblano", features unique wall decor. The architect has achieved an interesting effect by combining the facades of ceramic tiles Talavera with red brick. Near the main entrance of the building is Board from Talavera with the image of St. Michael the Archangel, one of the patrons of the city, with the inscription in Latin: "Who is like God".

Unfortunately, the rooms of the Episcopal Palace have been closed for inspection. Travellers have only one room where there is a post office.