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The Cathedral of Monterrey

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The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the virgin Mary is a temple of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Monterrey. The building is constructed in the form of a Latin cross and has several chapels. The Church is crowned with an octagonal dome. The decor is eclectic. In its decoration you can see the elements belonging to different styles. The most recognizable neoclassical and Baroque details.

The decision to build the Cathedral was taken in 1596, immediately after the founding of the city of Monterrey. Place for the main city of the Church was chosen in the North of the village, where there were artesian wells. In 1611, in the city caused flooding, which forced the residents to move from other areas of Monterrey, close to the site where the planned construction of the Cathedral. After about was her fertile fields. Thus, the space around the Church gradually became the center of the city. In 1626 he founded the parish of Monterrey, and to postpone the construction of the city's main temple was impossible. However, it took almost 80 years until the city Council made the decision on the construction of the Cathedral of Monterrey. The building, except the main tower was completed in 1791.

In 1846, the Cathedral was the center, leading the defense of the city against the American troops.

By the end of the XIX century was built a openwork bell tower of the Church, consisting of several levels, is decorated with arches. It is surmounted by a cross, which is illuminated at night.

In 1990, the Cathedral of Monterrey was visited by Pope John Paul II. He remained in the temple for several hours, making a prayer in the chapel of the Holy Sacrament.