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National Anthropological Museum

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The national Museum of anthropology national Museum of Mexico in the Chapultepec Park in Mexico city. The Museum has a unique collection of artifacts, archaeological exhibits that were found on Mexican soil.

The Museum was founded in 1825. The building where it is located today, was built in 1963 by renowned Mexican architect Pedro ramírez vázquez. 23 exhibition hall is arranged in such a way that encircle a courtyard with a pond and the so-called "umbrella" — a column of concrete, surrounded by an artificial waterfall. Around the Museum are gardens, which hosts temporary exhibitions. They usually talk about the art and culture of other countries, such as Persia, Egypt, Greece and of course Spain.

Total area of Museum is about 8 ha. Its territory is the world's richest collection of art of culture of the Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, Toltec, Mixtec, and other peoples of ancient Mexico. There are large ethnographic exposition dedicated to modern peoples in the country.

The Museum houses many world-famous exhibits. At the entrance of tourists meets seven head of Tlaloc - God of rain, discovered in Mexico city in 1940. Here is the sun Stone, also called the Aztec calendar, the huge stone heads of the Olmec people and the Golden treasures of the Maya. There are exhibits and terrible. In the hall of the Aztecs and the Jaguar figure with a sacrificial bowl, where they laid hearts the sacrifice. Or armor made from the removed entirely and tanned human skin.