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The Island Hanitsio

Photos and description

The island Hanitsio is a small hill. At the very top stands a 40-meter high monument, built in honor of the fighter for the independence of Mexico and national hero of the country Jose Maria Morelos. He was killed by the Spaniards in 1815. Inside the monument there is a staircase leading to the raised fist of the statue. From the observation platform offers a beautiful view of the lake and nearby Islands. On the walls inside the monument are paintings by the famous artist Ramon Canal.

From city Patzcuaro to the island during the day, there are small ships. When you swim to the island, you immediately notice the fishermen who fish from boats with nets shaped like butterflies. The fishing was always the main occupation for many generations of islanders.

From the pier to the top of the hill are several small and narrow streets, they are innumerable shops pass which not a single visitor. They sell Souvenirs, textiles, local produce and other interesting knick-knacks. Worth noting that about a quarter of the population does not speak Spanish, they communicate only on a rare native American language, purepecha, the number of speakers of which about 120 thousand people.

The island Hanitsio is the most popular destination among Mexicans, where in early November, is a colorful celebration of the Dead. These days the carnival takes place, make sweets in the shape of skulls and make small figures of skeletons, dressed them in women's clothes.