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Palacio del Gobierno

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One of the most luxurious mansions of the Guadalajara Palacio del Gobierno, located in the Crown in the historic centre of the city, is witnessing important historical events. In its halls signed a decree abolishing slavery in Mexico. Among them were the governors of New Galicia in the mid-nineteenth century moved the government of Benito Juarez with him at the helm. And in the Palacio del Gobierno on President Juarez was assassinated in 1858. Currently the historic building is a Museum to visit which does not require a ticket. Enough to say Hello to the guard at the entrance.

The land on which was built in 1650, the Palace belonged to the family of Mason Martin Casillas. At first it was a modest building made of Adobe. In 1750 the dilapidated Palace collapsed. In his place the Governor of New Galicia, josé de Basarte ordered to build a new Baroque mansion, decorated with Golden color stone that we see now. The main attraction of the Palacio del Gobierno is considered a Congress hall with some of the best paintings of the famous Mexican artist Jose Clemente Orozco. They depict famous historical figure - priest Miguel Hidalgo, who was the inspirer of the Mexican revolution. You can have different attitudes to creativity Orozco but did not recognise his genius, probably impossible. These murals painted on the ceiling and are of huge size.

The Palace is open to visits on weekdays during working hours. There is always a lot of tourists.