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One of the tourist attractions of Puebla is the Toad lane, which is adjacent to the same area. It is located near the South sixth street (6 Sur). The name of the alley was in honor of the most common frogs that did not give rest to local residents during the flooding of the river San Francisco. Soon the river was taken from the centre of the city, and the memory of the frogs and the colonial past of the city remained in the name. In place of the alley of the Frogs in 1849, was built Bullring. During the riots of 1856 the building was severely damaged and could not be restored. So in 1867 it was demolished and paved a street.

In our days, in the alley of the Toads you can find old houses with elegant balconies, transformed in the cosy taverns, bars or shops. Lane is famous for its many cafes and restaurants. In search of fun and fiery dances, you need to come here on Friday or Saturday. The area is fully transformed Frogs, live music from every open door. However, all tourists try to get here on Sunday. At 10 am, the alley turns into a big flea market where you can buy absolutely everything connected with art. There are especially a lot of dealers in antiquities and coins. Generally, they all keep their shops all on the same alley of the Toads. So, if you are not able to be here on Sunday, do not worry: the same thing you can see in the antique shops in any day of the week. Sometimes I come across interesting things that can be a good souvenir. Especially interesting household items and antique furniture.