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Ruins of xpujil town

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The ruins of the Mayan city of Xpujil is located near the eponymous village in the Mexican state of Campeche. The name "Xpujil" translates from the Mayan language as the "cat's Tail". This is the name of a local plant with small white flowers.

How do the Indians called their settlement, from which now only ruins remained unknown. It was founded around 400 BC, Through several centuries, the city became part of the Kingdom, whose capital was Bekan. The "Golden age" Suhila occurred in the period 500-750 ad To 1100 it gradually began to decline, but there still lived people who left him only after 100 years. Since then, the ruins of xpujil town stood, forgotten by all, in anticipation of their future research. To say that local residents were unknown, it is impossible. Just 1 km from the former Mayan city was founded the modern town of Xpujil.

In the archaeological site of Xpujil is located 17 groups of historic buildings, built in the style of Rio BEC. Most of them dated 600-800 years. For their buildings the Maya used the same size dressed stone blocks, which the top was covered with tiles of fine marble. As ornaments were used drawings of a mosaic of small minerals.

The most valuable and interesting, from the point of view of researchers, is the Palace of the ruler, that is, the structure under the number I. Its design is different from the neighboring buildings. The Palace with a gallery adorned with three pyramids, which can be seen in the ancient city of Tikal in Guatemala. In height they reach 2 meters. Scientists discovered in the Palace of the 12 halls. The walls are decorated with stone masks of the deities responsible for rain. The Palace is equipped with 3 portal. They need to climb the steps.

Access to the ruins is open to the public.