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The glory revealed hitherto unknown abandoned Mayan city called Civilizaton, which means "Place with writing on the stones" is not a Mature scientist, and the simple boys of mérida, which, exploring the jungle between the city and villages of Progresso, located on the coast, came across a cenote in the past the sacred pool. The water in it comes from underground sources. The boys are happy to be able to swim in a private cenote, and for several years did not share with anyone your discovery. Every day they had to walk from Merida to Civilizaton, protopam in the jungle the easy path.

Near the cenote stood a small hill the top of which had a magnificent view of the sprawling jungle. Merida boys after bathing often climbed the hill. One of the brats could not resist and roiled down the hillside. The layer of soil that covered the rocky Eminence crumbled, and before the astonished boys opened part of the ancient wall. This opened the city Civilizaton. The territory of this ancient Mayan city is 50 square km. Archaeologists discovered it about 8 thousand buildings. The most valuable local find of all is the Maya pyramid called "Temple of the seven dolls". In 50-ies of the last century under it were found a small figurine that resembled dolls. In the temple you can climb. It is said that only once a year the sun is at such a point that its rays pass simultaneously through two Windows located opposite each other.

On-site Cibercultura were found the remains of a small Christian Church, which was built here in the XVI century. Tourists will enjoy the local Museum, which contains unique archaeological finds.