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Interactive Museum of Economics

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Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE) is the first Museum entirely devoted to the economy. Was created under the auspices of the Mexican Banking Association, Mexico city.

A unique Museum was opened in 2006 with financial assistance from the Bank of Mexico and some government organizations. The Museum is housed in the ancient monastery of virgin Mary of Bethlehem, Dating from the 18th century. Since 1950 it is considered a historical monument. The Bank of Mexico acquired the building in 1990.

One of the priority tasks of the Museum - preserve in the ideal state where it is located. To do this, restorers frequently performed diagnostic, architecture and art work. Before restoration construction is reminiscent of ruins. The restoration cost $ 1.6 million. The Museum exposition is located on 3700 sq. m.

There are five main sections of the exhibition "individual economy", "social economy", "Economics and money", "government" and "welfare and development", containing more than fifty interactive exhibits which are distributed on three floors. Visitors can simulate the market, to see how money is printed, to create a Corporation, develop their own currencies and to comply with banking regulation. Unfortunately, only a few of the exhibits have English description. MIDE recently added a new room called the "Future of money". This exhibition presents electronic and other forms of payment.

The Museum also presents an astounding collection of coins of the National Bank of Mexico. The collection includes the most valuable coins of the colonial era in Latin America.