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Casa Kimberly

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The three-storey building with garden and swimming pool, which was built in 1958 by architect Guillermo Wulff in the now fashionable area of Puerto Vallarta called Gringo Gorge, is of great interest from tourists. This famous mansion Kimberly, leased and then purchased for 57 thousand dollars Burton for Elizabeth Taylor. The famous actor Richard Burton came to Puerto Vallarta in 1963 for the film "night of the iguana". At that time there was no decent hotels. The crew settled in the hotel "Ocean", where even the Suite was running cockroaches. Liz Taylor, who came to the beloved Richard, refused to live there. The actor said Director John Houston that if they don't find soon a suitable housing to Elizabeth, he will not be able to continue shooting. The Director filmed the Kimberly house on a hill a little away from the historic neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta. In order not to lose the leading role, Houston was forced to surrender his home to Burton. The house is so liked Taylor that she received it from a loved one as a gift for his 34th birthday.

After some time Burton bought the house next door. These two villas were combined in a graceful bridge over which the lovers could visit each other's homes without having to go outside. Now this bridge is the emblem of the gorge Gringo.

Casa Kimberly belonged to Elizabeth Taylor until the early 90-ies. During this time, Taylor had two times to visit Burton married (and twice divorced). After the sudden death of Richard Burton, Elizabeth almost stopped coming to Puerto Vallarta. She was there only a couple of times and could not stay the night in the house - were still fresh memories of the biggest love in her life.

People who bought Casa Kimberly in the late XX century, turned it into a hotel, where each room is named after a movie Taylor or Burton.