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Museum of Maya culture

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Museum of Maya culture, which is considered one of the largest historical museums in the country, narrating the life, the life, customs and traditions of the Indians of the Mayan culture located in the state capital of Quintana Roo.

The only one of its kind in Latin America, the Museum was opened on 4 April 1993. It is decorated in a modern style. All the main facilities where located showrooms, offices, warehouses, gift shops and book stores located around a Central garden, where are placed some of the exhibits. The garden also hosts temporary exhibitions.

The building, which now houses the Museum of Mayan culture, previously occupied by a power plant that supplied electricity to the city of Chetumal, Huay Pix and Calderitas.

The permanent exhibition will allow to make a virtual journey through the world of the Maya pre-Columbian period. Here great attention is paid to the earthly existence of the Indians and their beliefs of the afterlife. The main exhibition of the Museum is arranged on three floors, which reflect the cosmology of the Maya. Central floor symbolizes our world, the top floor is the sky, and the bottom corresponds to the ground. The standard tour of the Museum of Maya culture in the guided tour lasts about an hour.

As you can see during the excursion? Most of the exhibits are statues, reliefs, frescoes preclassic, classic and postclassic periods. Of great interest are the items from Mayan tombs and funerary vessels. Rich jewellery will surely appeal to the visitors.

The entrance ticket is cheap, but on Sundays the Museum is free of charge.