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Mexico offers many interesting museums and exhibits which tell about the culture and traditions of its indigenous population. Such museums include the Museum of masks in San Miguel de Allende, which is officially called the "Other face of Mexico". Its owner American bill Levasseur for more than 25 years gathered an extraordinary collection of 500 Mexican ceremonial masks. He visited remote villages and spoke with elders of the community, observed and filmed a ritual dance, during which participants were in masks, learned a lot about the importance of masks. Creating your Museum "the Other face of Mexico", he wanted to share his knowledge with the world.

The Museum was opened in 2006. Bill and his wife Heidi managed to place in a limited area of the Museum is not only a collection of ritual masks, but a large number of photos and videos, which were about 40 different dances of the Indians. All the Museum of masks used in dance ceremonies of indigenous representatives from Mexico, so their authenticity is beyond doubt.

Local collection of artifacts will be of interest not only to historians and people seriously studying the beliefs and life of the Indians of Mexico, but also simple tourists. In the private Museum of masks, located in the hotel "Casa de La Guesta", can be accessed only after a call to his owners, who are happy to share information about any of these guests of the mask. The entrance fee is symbolic and is spent on charitable projects.

The Museum is open market that sells copies and originals native American masks, which can serve as a good souvenir from Mexico.