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One of the popular tourist attractions of Puebla is considered a whole street of shops selling traditional Mexican desserts. In people it has long been dubbed the street of Sweets, although officially it is called the street of Santa Clara in honor of the fact that previously there was a monastery of poor Clares, which manufactured candy and cookies of different shapes and colors and sold them to townspeople. The tradition of creating and selling sweets on the street has its origins in the XVIII century.

Tourists who are looking for sweet gifts, first go here, where 40 private shops offer candy chocolate, fruits, nuts. One of the local delicacies are desserts from sweet potatoes, which are called camote. Before popular in Mexico Day of the Dead, which is celebrated on a large scale, there appear in the sale of sweets, made in the form of skulls. They are called Calavera. These chocolates are not stale on the shelves, so, being in Puebla in November, it is advisable not to yawn, not to be left without interesting gift for friends and family.

Most popular store with a wide range of Mexican delicacies is considered "La Gran Fama". It was founded over 100 years ago by Ms. Victoria Ortiz. At first this lady was making candy for my friends, and then decided to sell them. So, in 1892, opened the pastry shop "La Gran Fama".

Shop "Dulceria", founded in 1907, offers delicious pancakes, almond and milk chocolates, macaroons and more. Here you can also buy dishes pottery Talavera.

Any tourist who find themselves on the street Sweets has a chance to discover the amazing world of Mexican treats.