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Just 8 km from the town of BUENAVISTA and 37 km from Bacalar road begins, which after 8 km will lead you to the archaeological site of Chacchoben. Translated from the Mayan language the word "Chacchoben" means "the Place where grow the red corn."

As settlement and Tibane Kohunlich, Chacchoben was initially a small village. It was founded about 200 BC, the Town began to rapidly grow. The building boom lasted until 700 ad, several centuries Later Chacchoben, was abandoned. Thought about it during the Conquest. Some Indians came back here, but about the past greatness of Chacchoben already nobody remembered. Over time, on the settlement forgotten.

In 1940, adjacent to the ruins of Chacchoben, so thickly overgrown with grass, which they seemed more like hills, the field of a local farmer, Kahwa built his HOMESTEAD. Whether he knew about the settlement of the Maya, hard to say. Only in 1972 by the American archaeologist Peter Harrison, flying over the area, drew attention to the plain with the strange hills that, by assumption Professor, was artificial. So, then began the excavations leading to the discovery of the city of Chacchoben.

The ruins of Indian temples and some homes became available for a visit in 2002. Especially for visitors of the ancient city was developed the tourist route, off which is impossible. The path goes past all the attractions here, including the three large pyramids. Currently being studied for other nearby hills, which also found the remains of buildings.