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After seeing the town of Creel, you can explore the surrounding area. Many local tour companies offer a tour of the city Batopilas, which is located 140 km from Creel in the bottom of Copper canyon. The date of its Foundation is considered to be 1632. The peak of the town's heyday came in the XIX century. Then in the vicinity of Batopilas had discovered silver. Then an enterprising local has opened rich silver mines, which lasted until the early twentieth century. Silver deposits were small and quickly exhausted.

In our days in Batopilas is home to only 1 thousand people. It would seem that the Golden days of the city behind us, but it's not. Now the interest to this city from tourists has not waned. In the 70-ies of the last century to Batopilas held the road so the trip here will not be difficult. The road from Creel, located high in the mountains, is very scenic, with beautiful views in Copper canyon. Colonial Batopilas consists of three streets. Live quietly and modestly: peasants, many years ago, breed animals and grow fruit trees, the streets unattended wandering goats and pigs.

Of Batopilas you can take several Hiking trips to abandoned mines, majestic waterfalls and villages of the Tarahumara Indian tribe. A few kilometers from the town stands a small Church called the Mission Satevo. It is considered one of the most well-preserved ancient buildings in the region.

Life in Batopilas stopped somewhere in the beginning of the last century. Many tourists come here for the opportunity to turn away from the real world and relax surrounded by stunning nature. They are built for 15 hotels. In 2012 Batopilas received the title of "magic city" and is the center of eco-tourism in the region.