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Dolls house is a spectacular building with an unusual facade, located on the main square of Puebla. It is considered one of the most beautiful examples of secular architecture of the XVIII century. Since 1983, this building belongs to the University of Puebla. Currently it is a University Museum.

A plot of land on which was built the House of dolls, was granted in the sixteenth century the captain, Juan Ochoa de Elejalde, the Conquistador army and the clerk of Hernan Cortes. He led the regiment, located in Puebla. Historian Arturo Cordova-durán said that the last representative of the genus Ochoa de Elejalde, Andres de Pardinas-and-Villar de Francos, Comte de Castelo, in 1784, sold the land to captain and Governor agustín de Ovando Caseras de Ledesma Nunez de Villavicencio. Perhaps the new owner built a House of dolls. So he writes in his book, Dr. Hugo Licht. However, this mansion is often called by the name of the former owner of the land - the Casa del Conde de Castelo. The second name of house Casa de Ovando. However, the people called it the House of dolls, due to the interesting design of this building, divided into three levels. It is overlaid with red boards and decorated with 16 images of silhouettes of people, which are called dolls. The second floor houses decorated with balconies. Above the main portal you can see the coat of arms of the Ovando kind and Villavicencio. Over undulating eaves under the roof are six gargoyles.

Dolls house was renovated by the architect Ambrosio Guzman in 1987, who was appointed the first Director of the University Museum.

In 1999 in Puebla was a strong earthquake that damaged the Palace. Seven years it stood closed until 4 October 2006, again was not open to the General public.