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The house-Museum of Talavera Uriarte

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Puebla is the birthplace of Talavera - famous ceramics. Release it small factories, many of them have more than hundreds of years. These are private enterprises who are happy to welcome tourists, demonstrating the process of creating ceramics.

The most popular and the largest factory is the House-Museum of Talavera Uriarte. It began its work in 1824. Guests who came on the tour, expect to see a huge room filled with machines that tirelessly make plates, pitchers, cups, and similar dishes. But what is their surprise when they see a modest firm, where all processes are performed manually. That is "the biggest" factory in Mexico for production of Talavera turns out to be a tiny enterprise. Accordingly, the local pottery is not available for all product. This is an exclusive items that are decent and can claim the title of best souvenir from Mexico. The factory has a shop where you can buy any ceramic product.

Tours of the factory are held in Spanish or English. Like any private Museum, House of Talavera Uriarte interested in visitors, so the guide here will work even for one guest.

The production process of the Talavera consists of six phases. Here you can observe the work of potters and artists, causing the pattern on the finished product. When making the Talavera is allowed to use only 6 colors. The pattern on the plates and mugs are printed with the help of the stencil. Patterns standard, time-tested.

On the second floor of the House-Museum of Talavera Uriarte is a Museum which exhibits tell about the history of the factory. Here you can see the products that were released a century ago, and ceramics masters of our time.