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The volcano Iztaccihuatl, or Itusually, - an extinct volcano in the Mexican highlands, the height 5286 m. the Snow on top never coming down, this gave rise to the name: "Iztaccihuatl" is translated from Nahuatl means "White woman." For ease of pronunciation mountain, often called just the East. Next to it is another volcano, Popocatepetl.

Iztaccihuatl is located in the South-East, 70 kilometers from Mexico city.

At East four peaks, in shape similar to the head, chest, knees and feet of a sleeping woman. The highest of the peaks - Pico rises to 5230 meters above sea level.

In 1889 it was the first ascent to the top of the giant. In subsequent expeditions on the slopes of the East were found objects of everyday life of the Aztecs, which suggests that the Indians conquered the top again.

Local people associated with East many fascinating legends. One of them tells about unhappy love of a Princess, an evil whose father sent her fiancé to the war, believing that a warrior will not return, but that was a war. But by the time his lover was already promised to another. Unable to stand the decision of the father, the girl killed herself. The warrior, seeing his later life, without beloved, too, had killed himself. The lovers struck by Cupid, and he turned them into volcanoes East and Popo, which are to this day inseparable.