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Museum-the Government Palace

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Museum-the Government Palace is located in the centre of Monterrey. It was opened on 30 August 2006 at the urging and under the patronage of the Governor of the state of Nuevo león. The Museum was created to highlight the historical and political past of the state. The collection of the Government Palace recount laws, methods of control of Nuevo Leon and the economic activities of local residents. Among the objects worthy of attention, noteworthy collection of sculptures depicting the former owners of the Palace, printing press, created in the XIX century, the original furnishings, which previously served as the Governor of the state. The Museum has 18 interactive slot machines, 80 tables of information, 2 art installations, a virtual theatre.

The building of the Government Palace for over a hundred years. Its location determined by the President Bernardo Reyes. He chose to have him land in front of which stretched a huge undeveloped area. The Palace in the shape of a rectangle with a length of 88 meters was built by the engineer Francisco Beltran. Foundation construction started August 8, 1895 under the leadership of Martin singing and was completed 13 years later in September 1908.

The walls are faced with pink stone from the quarries of San Luis Potosi. Above the main facade rises a statue of Victory. On the roof at the corners of the building are sculptures of a lion, on the back of which sits a child. The main entrance is a portico of eight columns on an attic base. On the inside of the doors is a shield with the coat of arms of Nuevo Leon.