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The Palacio de cortés

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The construction of the largest secular buildings of Mexico - Palace of Hernan Cortes - it was begun in 1522 in the city of Cuernavaca, which was a gift to the famous Conquistador from the Spanish king Charles I. This building is a historical monument that has survived since the beginning of development of the New world, and such buildings in Mexico. As the site for two-storey Palace of Cortes, its appearance reminiscent of a powerful, impregnable fortress, was selected as the Foundation of the Indian pyramid, which the conquerors dismantled. The construction lasted 10 years, and in 1532 the Palace was completed.

Hernán cortés lived in a Palace in Cuernavaca before his departure for Mexico city. For a long time, the building belonged to the family of Cortez. From 1747 to 1821 years it was converted into a prison, where for some time languished follower of the ideas of Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla, the priest Jose Maria Morelos. In 1855, the Palace housed the provisional government of the Republic, and in the years 1864-1866 there is arranged a residence for the Archduke Maximilian. Since 1872, since the restoration of the Republic in the Cortes Palace housed the government of the state of Morelos.

In our time, in the Palacio de cortés has a Museum, which presents archaeological, paleontological and artistic collections that tell the history of the state of Morelos. The Museum is open auditorium, where they often show documentaries and organises seminars. The pride of the Museum are three works of the famous painter Diego Rivera.