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Ruins of chicanna ruins

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One of the most interesting hill FORTS left by the Maya civilization, called Chikanna, which translates as "House of the serpent mouth". It is located a few kilometers from the modern town of Xpujil and has many well-preserved historical monuments.

Chicanna ruins, the city was founded around 300 BC a Long time he was subordinate to the state, whose capital was the city. In the classical period of development of the Mayan civilization Chikanna acquires the status of a second capital, and in the seventh century, still being a part of the state of Bekan, considered the spiritual center of a considerable part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Its heyday Chikanna reached in the period from 600 till 830. It was during these several centuries there were built the most beautiful buildings. Moreover, there is formed a new architectural style, which later became the basis for the style Chenes. In Chicano came hundreds of pilgrims, and the beauty of her churches knew in neighboring States. After 830 years, the period of active construction ceases. Several centuries the locals resisted the raids of neighbouring tribes, but in 1100 ad still left your home.

Features architectural area chicanna ruins is considered to be a collection of buildings, with the design which was used in architectural details characteristic of the style Chenes, Rio BEC and Puuc. Their bizarre mixture of still is admired by researchers and visitors, of which there are surprisingly few.

The settlement Chikanna divided into four zones, which are designated by letters A, B, C and D. sector a is the most interesting, as it includes temples and administrative buildings grouped around a spacious square. Here is a Church built in the form of a pyramid, the ruins of the great Acropolis and the Palace, which gave its name to the whole city. Its entrance is designed in the form of the opened mouth of the serpent.