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Stadium Guadalajara

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Football stadium of Guadalajara is called "Omnilife", it is the home stadium of the Mexican football club "Deportivo Guadalajara". Before he built "Omnilife", the team trained and played at the stadium "Jalisco" for nearly 50 years. First, the stadium would be called nickname of the football team of Guadalajara, "Estadio Chivas". But the decision of club owner Jorge Vergara, one of the founders of the company "omnilit" stadium, also called "Omnilife".

According to the architects, the stadium resembles a volcano, which probably contributed to the local landscape. The stadium was opened on July 29, 2010. At the opening ceremony were invited and attended the President of Mexico Felipe Calderon and representatives of FIFA. A day later, it hosted the first football match -- "Chivas" accepted "Manchester United" in a friendly match. The owners of the stadium in that game won with the score 3:2.

To represent the fundamental nature of this architectural marvel, you need to understand its dimensions. The field, located inside the arena, has dimensions of 105 by 68 meters, its light 84 lights, power 593400 watts. The height from the plane of the Playground to the lower part of the roof is 41 m. the mass of the roof structures - 3300 tons. The matches are broadcasted on two led screens with a height of six meters. And 865 plasma screens much smaller in size, are located throughout the arena. "Omnilit" contains almost 50 thousand spectators.

Designed "omnilit" by the famous French architect and designer Jean-Marie Masso. When creating a stadium, he tried to reunite nature and technology, adhering to the so-called "green philosophy". Football field and stands are placed inside of a green hill. The ecological functioning of the stadium can be seen in the use of rainwater and energy saving equipment. Parking for 8,000 seats located at the base of the hill and not visible from outside. The folding roof of the stadium like a cloud.

One of the most famous games that took the arena, are the pan American games, held here in 2011.