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The Gringo Gulch is a picturesque residential area in the historic part of Puerto Vallarta. It is located on a hillside on the North Bank of the river Cuale. The name of the gorge comes from a term that is used in South and Central America to refer to a foreigner who speaks English. This name was chosen. The scenery of this district witnessed the greatest love stories of the XX century, thanks to which about the future of the fashionable resort of Puerto Vallarta became known around the world. It is here developed a novel Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

About Mexican "seaside Paradise" press started to write in the middle of the last century, which led to a tourist boom. Many Americans decided to settle for what has become the suburban area to the North of the river Cuale. One of the first settlers was a rich man, Fernando Freddy Romero. It did not suit the architectural tastes of the local moneybags, he wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a typical American city, therefore, introduced the fashion of building houses in a style that is now called by the name of this city, that is, the "Vallarta style". Characterized by red tile roofs, white walls of Adobe, wrought-iron decoration of the facades. Romero has built many mansions in the Gorge Gringo. Among them is called Casa Caracol, Casa Catalina, Villa Bursus that Richard Burton bought in 1977 for his second wife, Susan hunt, house of Tabachin built in 1957. This mansion is famous because it was directed by John Houston after lost their homes of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

It is worth noting Guillermo Wulff - another famous architect, adorning their buildings Gringo Gorge. His authorship belongs to perhaps the most famous local building is Casa Kimberly, 90 years belonging to Elizabeth Taylor.