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Church Of The Atonement

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Neo-Gothic Church of the Atonement in Guadalajara is the greatest work of architectural art. This is one of the most beautiful churches of Mexico. It was built 75 years. The construction started on August 15, 1897, and ended in 1972.

The idea of constructing a temple dedicated to the Holy sacrament of Jesus Christ, in Guadalajara appeared in the late nineteenth century. Then, from ordinary citizens, a Commission was established, which was responsible for the temple project and its implementation. The Archbishop of Guadalajara Pedro Loza and Pardave with these active believers announced a creative contest for development of drawings of the future Church. The best project was the work of the famous architect Adamo Boari arrived from Italy at the invitation of Mexican President Porfirio Diaz. It Boari is the Creator of the Palace of fine arts and the Palace of Correo mayor in Mexico city.

Recently in Mexico the scandal broke. New research, presented at the Museum of Guadalajara at the exhibition "Three secrets of Guadalajara", indicate that the project, which built the Church of the Atonement, actually developed the Salvador Collado is a Mexican architect, who created the bridge of an Archdeacon.

Enumerate the distinctive features of the temple of Redemption can be long. Tourists admire the pronounced Gothic towers, giving the appearance of the temple, the swiftness and ease, luxurious stained glass Windows, casting on floor plate colored sunbeams, and the amazing beauty of the frescoes in this chapel, created in 1938-1939. They belong to the brush of local artist josé Clemente Orozco. Another attraction of the Church are considered to be the watch during the battle, which follow each other figurines depicting the 12 apostles.